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Head Lice 101 Top 3 Lice Myths Busted By NitWits

14 October

Head Lice 101. Top 3 Lice Myths. 1. Lice Jump 2. Lice Like Clean Hair 3. You can get Lice from a Couch.  Actually none of these lice myths are true. 1. Do Lice Jump? No lice do not have hind legs and therefore cannot jump. 2. Do lice like clean hair? Actually lice don’t care, lice like all hair, clean or not. 3. Can you get lice from a couch? No. Lice don’t hide out on couches waiting for a new host, because couches are too cold!

Head Lice 101. Yes folks, the best possible lice treatment option in the Boston Area is right near you and you can get an appointment today! NitWits LLC is Boston’s first (since 2004) and most respected lice service. We are owned and operated by school nurse and public health expert Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH. Furthermore we cater to your every need and get your kids back to school the next day. For the very best in head lice diagnosis and treatment you’ll want to have us take a look at your scalp and your kid’s scalps for lice bugs, lice and eggs. Want to finally sleep like a baby tonight?. NitWits provides head lice natural treatment without the use of ineffective pesticides or messy oils. Want to learn about super lice prevention to preserve your sanity for the future? You’ll see our award winning educational film about the lice life cycle, including the incubation period lice and all the lice information you really need to know now.

Head Lice 101. Come on in to NitWits to see what Boston parents are talking about. Feel like you are suffering from head lice symptoms? NitWits head lice treatment Boston is the only place where you and your family will feel relaxed, confident and relieved to get to the bottom of your head lice nightmare. Real professional head lice treatment is worth it, and NitWits has the best prices in Boston! Finally we have no hidden costs and all of our fees are transparent and up-front. Most importantly we won’t try to sell you lotions, potions and gizmos that you don’t need.

Head Lice 101.  Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Experts. What exactly is the NitWits difference? Firstly we have 14 years of experience and the trust of Boston Families. Secondly, We are local and dedicated to educating families and schools about head lice since 2004. Thirdly we donate 1% of our product sales to 1% For The Planet. In addition each family is treated in their own private treatment room with TV DVD player, free ice cream, lollipops and more. In addition NitWits has tons of kid-friendly DVDs for your child to choose from. Before you know it, your family is lice-free and you can finally go back to your life as it was before lice hit.

Head Lice 101

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