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Yikes Lice! Top 4 signs you have Mom Lice Stress.

20 September

Yikes Lice! Life as a parent is stressful enough without the addition of a head lice infestation in your family. When the lice letter comes home from the school nurse it is often the last straw that can put you over the edge. Yes folks you have a classic case of Mom Lice Stress! What exactly is Mom Lice Stress? Here are the top 4 signs you have Mom Lice Stress. 1. You need to become a bug expert overnight. 2. Your house doesn’t feel safe anymore. 3. You haven’t slept for 3-4 days 4. Mom is getting cranky!

Yikes Lice. First of all parents of children with lice often experience the very real symptoms of delusional parasitosis. Delusional parasitosis symptoms can include the following. Your body itches all over. In addition you wake up at 3am and you feel things crawling across your scalp. Finally you can’t stop thinking about bugs and you think the bugs are taking over you house. And you can have all of these symptoms without ever actually having head lice.

Yikes Lice! It happened at 11:00pm last night. You saw a bug crawling across your daughter’s scalp and you almost had a nervous breakdown. Next you didn’t know what to do, or whom to call.  Then you started washing everything in the house, bagging all of the stuffed animals and vacuuming every surface in my house. Finally you drove to CVS and spent $300 on lice products.

Yikes Lice! Take a deep breath. First of all head lice are manageable. In addition head lice are misunderstood, harmless parasites. Also lice carry a huge social stigma with them. Furthermore the stigma implies that you are a bad parent and that you live in a condemned home. This could not be further from the truth. Because head lice are found in every school and community in the greater Boston area. At NitWits we see families from every city and town in Massachusetts.

Yikes Lice! First of all why isn’t head lice going away? Why are head lice cases increasing? Furthermore head Lice have been around for thousands of years.  Consequently my sister-in-law says we can’t come trick-or-treating with them because my kids have lice. What should I do? Order the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb and comb the kids out. IN conclusion your family will not longer have lice, and your kids can safely spend halloween with their cousins!

Yikes Lice

Lice in Your Hair. Yikes!


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