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25 September

Long lice live? First of all lice live 30 days. During those 30 days lice have the time they need to produce 6 eggs each day.  Also the female louse glues each egg to the hair shaft with “lice superglue”. Hence the eggs are very difficult to remove from the hair shaft. In addition most people do not know what nits (lice lice eggs) look like. Thus the nits are likely survive and hatch into lice. Furthermore head lice incubation takes a week and then the eggs hatch as nymphs. Especially relevant, nymphs are like premature infants and do not travel from the host.

Long lice live? As the nymphs go through 3 molts they shed their shells and grow larger. At day 17 an adult female louse mates with a male louse. She is then able to lay up to 100 eggs before she dies at day 30.

Long lice live? The length of the human head lice life cycle ensures that the subsequent lice generations are well on their way to success. The next gen of lice have time for head lice spread to new hosts to create new infestations and satellite lice colonies.

Long lice live? Parents often ask us at NitWits Lice Treatment Removal Belmont, if you can still have lice after treatment. The answer is yes, the majority of people still have active cases of head lice after traditional lice treatment! Because since 2016 we have known that 100% of head lice are resistant to pesticide lice treatments.

Long lice live? So what kind of effective lice remedy is available to parents in 2017? Many lice treatment services have sprung up in recent years. However NitWits Intelligent Lice Treatment in Belmont is Boston’s first, longest running and most respected Premier Class Lice Service. Head lice is all we do at NitWits. Plus we’ll show you our award winning educational film about head lice so you can become a lice expert too!

Long lice live

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