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17 September

Lice People. People who take care of your lice problem before it does you in! First of all most parents aren’t sure about lice symptoms. Also parents don’t know how to remove lice nits.  In addition parents wish they could kill lice naturally. Furthermore parents feel uncomfortable using lice chemicals on their kids.

Lice People. Could there be anything worse than Head Lice? The dreaded phone call from school telling you that your child is has a lice infestation.  Suddenly you feel as if you are living in the Middle Ages. The Witchcraft of Salem Village seems more apropos.  You can’t tell one head lice removal treatment from the next.  What’s a Mom to do?  NitWits your #1 Lice Professionals to the rescue. Call us and we’ll take care of it today. No toxic chemicals, lots of helpful information. And, of course, free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! 617-816-9487.   www. liceinfo.net

Lice People. Parents get very stressed out about head lice, but they need not be worried. First of all head lice are manageable and they are harmless. Furthermore head lice do not carry any disease. Especially noteworthy if your child has head lice for a year, there would be no harm done to her health. In fact many kids do have head lice for 6 months to a year, with no symptoms whatsoever. Most people never develop itching symptoms from lice, at least not in the first 2 months of the lice infestation.

Lice People.The biggest problem for parents is a lack of accurate information about head lice and a strong stigma. There are many urban myths about lice that continue to circulate amongst the parent community. These myths lead parents to vacuum, bag, and launder everything in the house, none of which is indicated for head lice. To learn more contact the lice experts at NitWits Boston. 

Lice People

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