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Causes head lice. Are you treating Lice Properly?

03 September

Causes head lice. First of all thanks to the growing resistance to pesticides, head lice are now stronger than ever. In addition parents worry constantly that elementary school exposes their child to head lice. Furthermore the beginning of the school year means kids are bringing lice from summer camp to school.

Causes head lice. When you hear about a lice infestation during the first month of the school year you may wonder “Is my child at risk?”.  In fact, even if your school does lice checks, it is easy to miss cases. Because lice is hard to diagnose, it is very likely that infested children will be in your child’s classroom. Look, due to effective lice camouflage, head lice are just plain hard to see!! What about nits no lice? Yes it is possible to have nits and no lice. Sometimes you can’t see the one louse on your child’s head. Or there might just be baby head lice which are more transparent than adult lice and thus easily missed.

Causes head lice. The negative connotation of the term a plague of lice  just adds to all of the bad things about with lice. This adds to head lice stigma. Negative words include Lousy, Louse this up, you louse, stop being so nit-picky, let’s go through your presentation with a fine-tooth comb, what a NitWit!

Causes head lice. Why did we name our Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service NitWits? You have the Nits and we have the Wits. Or another way to put is “We will OutWit your Nits”. Especially relevant at NitWits Lice Treatment Boston, a big part of what we do is Education about Head Lice. We want to get the word out that Head Lice are Harmless and Manageable. We want you to know that you can stop using Pesticides which are ineffective for head lice. There is a reason Boston parents trust NitWits, #1 Lice Professionals since 2004!

Causes head lice

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