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Back School Head Lice Checks. Ahh…Peace of Mind for Mom!

12 September

Back School Head Lice Checks. Moms can’t sleep at night when they think there might be a lice epidemic in the house. Furthermore powerful head lice stigma falls squarely on the shoulders of Moms. Head Lice stigma implies that you are not a good Mom. In addition Head Lice stigma suggests that you do not take good care of your children and home. Are you feeling burned out by head lice stigma?

Back School Head Lice Checks. Lice eggs are difficult to see. First of all lice eggs are called nits. Because of successful camouflage by the nits, they are extremely difficult to detect with the naked eye. Thus parents are left scratching their heads wondering if their children have lice infestation or not. In addition parents try all sorts of lice treatments without success. Whether it be olive oil lice treatment , or vaseline lice treatment, or mayonnaise lice treatment or pesticide lice treatment. If you can’t get every last lice egg off the scalp you still have lice!

Back School Head Lice Checks. Pictures lice. Even if you look closely at photographs of live lice, you may still never see a live bug. Because head lice are almost as clear as a jellyfish when they are alive. This means if you examine your child’s scalp for lice, you are likely to miss the lice bugs themselves. Hence a massive amount of confusion for parents and school nurses who are trying to make an accurate head lice diagnosis.

Back School Head Lice Checks. Lice incubation period. Parents often wonder what the length of the head lice life cycle is. How is it that a these tiny arthropods can cause so much angst and anxiety for parents if they only live for 30 days? Because lice are good at math. That’s right you heard me correctly the first time. It’s the magic of compounding. Lice, just like a tech startup, are able to scale up their populations quickly and efficiently. Most of all lice need to scale up quickly since it is the secret to their survival. Although it takes a couple of months to establish a vibrant satellite lice colony, once up and running the new colony ensures overall survival. Because a mature and vibrant lice colony is adept at head lice transmission and sending out satellite lice to establish new lice colonies in new hosts.

Back School Head Lice Checks

Back School Head Lice Checks


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