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Baby Head Lice Bugging You? Welcome to a Lice-Free World!

27 September

Baby head lice are known as nymphs. Nymphs are delicate and fragile and share several similarities with premature human babies. For example baby head lice nymphs need to maintain a constant body temperature and frequent meals to survive, just like preemies. The ideal lice nymph body temperature mirrors that of the scalp of an elementary school aged child. Therefore lice nymphs are unable to survive off of the human scalp. In addition the only bugs you will see traveling to a new host are adult pregnant female lice. Because those pregnant females need to begin to set up a new satellite lice colony immediately on a new host to start a successful lice infestation.

Baby head lice might possibly be killed by pesticide lice shampoo. However we now know that it is no longer true that lice shampoo kill lice eggs. Therefore after treatment with pesticides or chemicals, lice eggs remain viable. Hence you cannot kill lice nits with chemical lice shampoo. In addition the lice eggs will go on to hatch and maintain the lice colony. Thus head lice eradication is not guaranteed with the use of pesticide lice treatments.

Baby head lice have nothing to do with body lice. Body lice are genetically different from head lice, and your child does not have body lice. Body lice give head lice a bad name and add to the remarkably strong head lice stigma in 2017. One of the many reasons parents are stressed about head lice is due to head lice stigma. Head lice stigma implies that you are a neglectful parent and you do not bathe your children or clean your house. However we find that the families who seek out NitWits Head Lice Treatment Boston have perfect hygiene and uber-clean houses.

In fact, although most parents believe they have head lice in the home, lice are only on their children’s scalps.  Come to NitWits Head Lice Professional Removal to see what all the buzz is about. For 14 years NitWits has been Boston’s Go To Lice Professionals. NitWits, the only lice service with a Professional Licensed Nurse who is also a Public Health Nurse. Your Peace of Mind is Worth Gold.

Baby head lice. Lice Removal Home Remedies include tea tree oil lice treatment, olive oil lice treatment and coconut oil coconut oil lice treatment. Studies show that Tea Tree Oil Lice Remedy effectively deters head lice. Due to urban myths about head lice parents often do not have access to accurate and helpful head lice treatment information. This leads to “Mom Lice Stress”.  If you find yourself suffering from Mom Lice Stress, give us a call at NitWits Premier Class Lice Service right now. We will take care of your lice problem today so you can sleep like a baby tonight!

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