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You Know You Have Lice. Now What? NitWits to the Rescue!!

21 August

You Know You Have Lice when you can’t stop thinking about it. (Also called Delusional Parasitosis). School’s about to start again! Here’s how to protect your little ones from lice. Head Lice Prevention with Preventative Lice Combing really works. Just take the OMG Lice Comb and OMG Lice Conditioner Solution and comb your child’s hair once a month to keep a lice infestation at bay. In addition Preventative Lice Combing will catch a head lice infestation early. As a result early cases take much less time to treat and prevent head lice spread. Your Peace of Mind is totally worth it. 

You Know You Have Lice. The top 3 simple Head Lice Causes. First off head lice need 3 simple things to make them happy. 1. A host with a nice warm scalp.  2. A host that likes to snuggle with other potential hosts. 3. A host with plenty of hair. That’s it folks. Consequently when you provide these 3 simple things for a head louse near you, then that louse will take care of the rest. 

You Know You Have Lice when you want to not only kill lice, but also Kill Lice Hair. First of all are you thinking about shaving your, and your kids heads? Stop. You don’t need to get completely freaked out about head lice. Head Lice are manageable. Call NitWits and we can tell you what to do on the phone, or we can do it for you.

You Know You Have Lice when you have 2 kids who have just gotten home from sleepaway camp.

You Know You Have Lice. Human Lice Come from a long history of successful parasites that have travelled with humans for millennia. Because head lice are dependent on finding new hosts, they need to be adaptable and nimble. Therefore head lice are able to develop resistance to pesticides.  Currently head lice in 48 out of 50 states have developed 100% resistance to available OTC pesticides used by parents. Especially relevant many parents still try pesticides first before anything else. Thus we highly recommend ordering or picking up an OMG Lice Protocol Kit for your sanity to start the school year! You can pick up a kit at the NitWits lice clinic. NitWits Boston’s #1 Lice Professionals Since 2004. Our Lice Center boasts 3 private treatment rooms, experienced and friendly lice practitioners, free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and DVDs galore.

You Know You Have Lice

You Know You Have Lice


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