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16 August

Top 3 signs lice is in your hair. 1. Itching? 2. Visible bugs? 3. Visible eggs? Actually none of the above. There are no symptoms when you have an early case of head lice. And the lice like it that way. Most noteworthy, lice can’t afford to be detected when they are setting up a new lice colony. Furthermore a successful lice infestation starts with a sleuth operation on the part of head lice. Thus Lice need time, on the order of 2 months, to get their infestation up and running on your child’s head. During those 2 months if you knew they were there, it would spoil the whole thing, from the viewpoint of a louse.

Not all signs lice treatment Boston providers are the same. What makes NitWits different? We are Boston’s first lice clinic, since 2004. We are headed up by Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH, a Public Health Nurse with a school nurse & community health background. Our #1 priority is 100% customer satisfaction. We will treat you and your family today so your child can return to school tomorrow! In addition we have 3 private treatment rooms in our office. All visits to the NitWits office are 100% confidential. We treat your family with respect for your entire visit. NitWits is a local business. Therefore shopping at Nitwits means your dollars stay local. Because we are not a chain, we can offer the highest level of excellence for every client. NitWits offers free PTA lice educational sessions to local schools.

Learning the signs lice are present means you need to understand the life cycle lice. Head lice lay 6 eggs a day. Head lice live to be 30 days old. Lice are able to lay more eggs in the warmer months because the warm weather speeds up the reproduction process.

Lice eggs pictures can help you look for signs lice. 

Signs Lice

Lice Eggs Pictures

signs lice

signs lice making you crazy


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