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23 August

Lice shampoo kill nits? In Scotland or England if you have a lice infestation it is called “nits”. This is confusing for parents who often do not know the difference between the terms “lice” and “nits.” First of all Lice refers to human head lice. (Not body lice or pubic lice or skin lice or book lice or sea lice!) Head Lice are a successful obligate human parasite that is doing just fine in 2017. Obligate means that head lice are species specific. In other words dog, cats and other primates, as well as birds, all have their own kind of lice.

Lice shampoo kill nits? Nits on the other hand refer to the eggs of head lice. The female head louse lays 8 eggs a day for 12 days until she has laid 100 eggs. At which point she dies. Before her death her first 5 broods of nymphs have already hatched, since the nits are in the shell for 7 days prior to hatching.Finally each nit is attached to the hair shaft with a little dollop of superglue that makes the nits difficult to remove from the hair.

Lice shampoo kill nits? You must remove every nit in your child’s hair in order to crash the lice colony and make sure that no more lice can hatch and start up a new colony. What’s the best way to remove nits? Picking nits with your fingers takes a long time and is not a reliable way to remove all of the nits. Why? Because head lice have had thousands of years to develop the most effective camouflage to avoid detection by humans. In addition the available lice treatments no longer kill lice.

Lice shampoo kill nits? Combing with a really good metal nit comb is the way to remove nits from the hair. Made in Argentina, with laser-cut teeth that are exceptionally close together, the OMG Lice Comb is the best comb on the market for successful and complete nit removal. Also with the OMG Lice Comb you can comb out all of the lice and nits at home. Want help? Come on in to NitWits and we will do the combing for for you. We promise you will sleep well tonight!

Lice shampoo kill nits

Can Lice shampoo kill nits?

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