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Lice Comb Confusion. Which one works best?

18 August

Lice Comb.  If my daughter swims in a chlorine pool every day does that protect her from catching head lice? Actually no, chlorine pools do not serve as a head lice treatment or preventative because Head Lice are waterproof and their eggs are also waterproof.  Consequently the best head lice removal treatment involves mechanical removal of lice and nits with a nit comb. Don’t feel like doing it yourself?  Call us at NitWits.  We’ll do it for you and you’ll sleep better tonight!

Lice Comb is a necessary part of head lice treatment. Parents believe that if they put pesticide lice shampoo on their child’s scalp it will cure their child of lice. In fact if you don’t remove all of the lice eggs from the hair shaft, you still have head lice. In addition pesticide lice shampoo treatments have recently been shown to be 100% ineffective in treating head lice.  The bugs have developed resistance to these pesticides. Furthermore the Nits are bulletproof.  Once you rinse out the pesticides the healthy eggs(nits) are still there and waiting to hatch. Even if you follow the instructions and re-apply the pesticide shampoo 7-10 days later, that might only kill a small percentage of the hatched bugs.  Finally the next day the next batch of nits will hatch and the head lice infestation will be alive and well.

Lice Comb. Take a look at the photo here. The large specks are lice and the small specks are nits (aka lice eggs).  Also nits are always the same size and shape. In addition after they hatch they are little tiny baby nymphs and they need a blood meal right away. They need frequent blood meals and they need to stay warm. For this reason lice nymphs stay very close to the scalp where it is nice and warm.

Lice Comb. Head lice nits as well as lice combs have been discovered in mummies from Chile that are 6,000 years old. It is probable that human lice have been traveling with humans for tens of thousands of years. We have provided transportation, food and habitat to these critters for as long as we have been humans.

Lice Comb. Is head lice a lice epidemic? A public health crisis? A cleanliness issue? Actually no, head lice today has nothing to do with public health, cleanliness or epidemics. Those descriptions all pertain to Body Lice, a genetically distinct (different DNA) insect from Head Lice. In addition urban myths abound about head lice removal treatment. Hence to learn more about the annoying, but harmless, successful human parasite called head lice, come on over to Boston’s #1 Lice Professionals Nitwits in Belmont. “We will Outwit Your Nits” in no time and return you to sanity!
Lice Comb

Photo of Head Lice and Nits

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