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Head Lice Children Summer Camp Nitwits

07 August

Head lice children. First of all head lice like children far more than adults. Because children have warmer scalps. In addition, children have more hair shafts per square centimeter than adults. Lastly children spend much more time cuddling and curling up together with each other than adults. Since head lice transmission takes place from direct head-to-head contact, children are the ideal hosts for head lice.

Head lice children. Two possible reactions to a human louse bite are head lice itching and a rash on the back of the neck. This rash is not lice bites. Rather, it is an allergic rash that is a result of lice bites on the scalp. When a human head louse takes a blood meal it injects 3 substances into the bite site. An anaesthetic, saliva and an anticoagulant. Humans can have a histamine reaction to one, or all three, of these substances. Normally people have no reactions initially. It requires a cumulative exposure to lice bites to create a reaction. Commonly this reaction does not occur until 2-3 months into the head lice infestation.

Head lice children. Live lice bugs are not seen until a case of head lice is at least several weeks along. More commonly live lice are not visible until the lice infestation is at least 2 months along. This is because lice have very effective camouflage systems that enables them to avoid detection by the human eye. Head lice have developed camouflage for their lice eggs, known also as nits. In addition head lice have developed camouflage for themselves, making head lice diagnosis quite difficult for both parents and school nurses. Hence it is very unlikely that humans will detect a case of head lice in children until the lice colonies are weeks, if not, months along.

The Preventative OMG Lice lice combing treatment has been shown to be an effective tool in keeping lice at bay. Monthly combing with the OMG Lice Comb and OMG Lice Conditioner Solution is your best chance at early detection of a case of head lice. Head lice cases take much less time to treat when detected early in the infestation.

Boston’s #1 Lice Professionals are here to help if you don’t want to treat head lice by yourself.

Head lice children

Head lice children


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