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Head Bugs or Bed Bugs. Which do you Have?

17 August

Head Bugs or Bed Bugs that is the question. Many parents spend tremendous effort and time on trying to sanitize their homes. However, all of the vacuuming and laundering would only be necessary if you had Bed Bugs in your house. If your child has head lice it is a totally different story! You can put away the vacuum and washer and dryer. And while you’re at it stop bagging your kid’s stuffed animals. Head Lice only live on heads, not in your house. 

Head Bugs and Kids. The words just go together don’t they? You Get Lice when you are a kid and that is just the reality of being a kid in 2017. At the very least your child will come into contact with many other children who have active cases of head lice. What are a Parent’s options? We recommend preventative lice combing once a month with the OMG Nit-Free Lice Comb. Pick one up today at our NitWits office, or you can order one online today

Head Bugs. After Many Treatments Lice seem to reappear. This is because you never got rid of the lice in the first place. It is especially relevant that head lice in the united states have developed almost 100% resistance to available lice treatments thus leading to the term “Super Lice”. In addition pediatricians and school nurses still often recommend the use of OTC and Rx lice treatments. Hence a very high level of frustration still exists for parents and families with lice.

Lice Home Remedies. Many people have tried olive oil and rosemary, hot air and even vaseline to treat head lice at home. However the bottom line is all about mechanical removal of the lice eggs. The lice eggs need to be stripped off of each individual hair shaft in order to crash the lice colony. What is the best tool for getting every last lice egg off of your child’s head? The OMG Lice Comb is excellent and effective at removing every last lice egg, in addition to pulling the bugs out of your child’s hair.

Head Bugs

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