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29 July

Professional Head Lice Clinic appointments available today. Did we hear you say “Help, we have lice”? Many parents call, text, or email us at NitWits saying they have lice, or think they might have lice, and they need lice help immediately. Happily, at NitWits we’ve been treating Boston area families since 2004. NitWits has remained a small, local business and we like to keep it that way. We provide the highest caliber professional lice treatment practitioners in the business. You can rest assured that we know what we are doing when it comes to head lice treatment Boston and Boston parents are raving about our services.

Professional Head Lice Clinic. The biggest problem for parents is a lack of accurate information about head lice and a strong stigma. There are many inaccurate urban myths about lice that continue to circulate amongst the parent community. These urban myths lead parents to vacuum, bag, and launder everything in the house, none of which is indicated for head lice. To learn more contact the lice experts at NitWits Boston.

Professional Head Lice Clinic. We like to think we live in a clean, spotless, dirt-free, germ-free world. In fact, there are lots of tiny microbes that call us home, and head lice are just one of them. Most of the microbes that travel with us all the time are beneficial to us. We have not yet figured out what the benefit of head lice is, but perhaps there is one. Meanwhile, all of the clients we see at NitWits have sparkling, shiny ultra-clean hair, and all of them have healthy cases of head lice.  So poof, there goes urban myth number 22. Yes folks, head lice will take whatever cleanliness level of hair they can find. Especially if it is the hair of an elementary school aged child. Are you fed up with head lice? Then come to nitwits  Boston’s Premier Head Lice Removal Treatment Clinic,

Professional Head Lice Clinic

Professional Head Lice Clinic

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