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07 July

Home Nit Treatment. Your child will be exposed to head lice many times between the ages of 2-15 at summer camp this year.  Your child can also contract head lice at a family reunion, playdate or sleepover, in addition to summer camp. Do not get freaked out about head lice and head lice are totally harmless.

Home Nit Treatment. Furthermore the only way to get rid of lice is to use a good metal nit comb.  The nits attach themselves to the hair shaft using a kind of lice superglue and are very difficult to remove. Finally the nits have camouflage in the form of iridescence making the them very difficult to see.

Home Nit Treatment. Why can’t I see the lice or the lice eggs?  Most parents over age 40 can’t see lice and nits. Furthermore head lice have developed clever ways to evade detection by the human eye. Lice have had thousands of years to figure out how to become difficult to see. The lice themselves are clear like jellyfish, so if you have head lice in your hair you can’t see the lice because you look right through them. 

Home Nit Treatment.  Doctor Kyong Sup Yoon Phd. of Southern Illinois University has produced 2 especially relevant studies in 2015 and 2016. Yoon’s most recent study in 2016  showed that head lice in the United States are now completely resistant to  Because we now know pesticides do not work for head lice any more, it is imperative that parents have an effective and safe alternative to chemical shampoo products.

Home Nit Treatment. Even movie stars get head lice. For example Heidi Klum and her kids all got lice a couple of years ago. However head lice are totally treatable. You can treat head lice at home. A good metal nit comb and some OMG Conditioner and you are all set. Please do not go out and purchase OTC lice treatments which have been shown to be not effective.

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