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Head lice hair. Can Guys Get Lice? NitWits Knows!

19 July

Head lice hair. Can guys with short hair get head lice? What about kids with short hair? Head Lice do not like adults. In addition head lice do not like men. Furthermore head lice do not like short hair. And finally Head lice do not like male-pattern-baldness. In conclusion when you add of these factors together you can see why it is very unlikely that you will get head lice if you are an adult male.

I think both of my daughters might have lice. How can I tell if they have Head lice hair?  Take a look at the photo on this post. This is a photo of dandruff, not lice. If you actually saw a live louse in your child’s hair, then your child definitely has lice. Lice are rarely visible, so the fact that you actually saw a bug is significant. More commonly, people will only see the nits, which are also hard to see.

Head lice hair. The first thing to know is that lice treatments containing pesticides don’t work. Lice have cleverly developed resistance to the chemical treatments. The stuff you find at CVS? Money wasted. Head Lice have been found to be immune to the pesticides in 48 out of 50 US states.

live lice hair help!

Head lice hair

Head lice hair

Head lice hair. Super Lice coming to a town near you? Furthermore the truth is we live with lots of microbes and parasites and bacteria day in and day out. Especially relevant most the bugs living with us do not creep us out the way head lice do. But Moms in particular find head lice to be one of the most stressful and challenging part of being a parent. We call this MLS or Mom Lice Stress. If you have a case of Mom Lice Stress give us a call at NitWits today and we will return you to sanity.

Head lice hair

Head lice hair

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