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U get lice, then you cry. Lice infestation help now. NitWits!

20 June

U get lice exactly how? The only method of head lice transmission is direct head to head contact. Lice are not viable off a human scalp. So you can stop vacuuming, stop doing laundry, relax and take a deep breath. Simply focus your efforts on where the lice really are, on your child’s scalp.

Can u get lice from an airplane seat? You can’t get lice by sharing hats, helmets, costumes, clothes, stuffed animals, theater seats or airplane seats. So you don’t need to bag your child’s stuffed animals. Besides being a waste of time, bagging all of your child’s treasured stuffed animals is needlessly traumatizing to your child.

How can U get lice? Lice are acutely sensitive to temperature, light and humidity levels. They have the perfect host environment right next to the scalp of a 4th grader. Kids have slightly warmer scalps and they are more cuddly than adults, making kids the perfect vectors for head lice transmission.

Can u get lice from a swimming pool? The presence of Head Lice is not a public health emergency. Head Lice do not carry disease and are harmless parasites. Head Lice do not deserve the stigma associated with them. The stigma IS appropriate for Body Lice, genetically distinct from Head Lice. Head Lice cannot turn into Body Lice or Pubic Lice, (different DNA). Your child does not have Body Lice or Pubic Lice. 

How can U get lice? 5% of school-age children have Head Lice at any given time. The only mode of transmission is direct head to head contact. Head Lice are not transmitted via helmets, hats or hairbrushes. Head lice are not viable in linens, carpets, furniture, clothing or stuffed animals. You do not need to vacuum, do laundry or bag stuffed animals. Head Lice do not choose to wait for a new host on inanimate objects. Head Lice, and Nits (eggs), are not viable once off a human scalp. Once off a scalp Lice get cold, dry and start to die & nits are too cold to hatch.
u get lice

u get lice and then u cry

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