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18 June

Pre-Camp Lice Check Boston. Want to know if your child is lice-free before heading off to summer camp?  Come on down to NitWits Boston’s #1 Lice Professionals. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Pre-Camp Lice Check. First of all what is the best way to check for head lice? The Preventative OMG Lice Treatment, developed exclusively here in the NitWits lab, has been shown to detect and prevent head lice. Once a month put OMG conditioner solution in your child’s hair and run the OMG comb through their hair. 

Pre-Camp Lice Check. Can you see head lice? If you practice The Preventative OMG Lice Treatment regularly, you too can keep head lice at bay. With this fabulous preventative OMG lice treatment you can rest assured that, if your child has been exposed to lice, you will be able to diagnose it early. Most of all an early diagnosis means that lice treatment will take much less time. Finally an early diagnosis will help to save you time and preserve your sanity.

Pre-Camp Lice Check.  Why are nits so hard to see? Head lice have only had 170,000 + years to develop camouflage that makes it hard for humans to see. The nits are iridescent and the bugs are clear like jellyfish. Furthermore most people never experience any head lice symptoms whatsoever.

Pre-Camp Lice Check. Summer is here kids are happily running around at the playground. You, however, are worried that the cousins from Maine have brought Head Lice into your sacred space (your home).  What can you do to protect your family from Head Lice?  Here is the best head lice prevention solution.  To prevent head lice spread take a good metal nit comb, put some OMG conditioner solution in your kid’s hair and do a preventative lice comb-out.
Pre-Camp Lice Check. How to keep lice out of hair?  Well you could go around with your head wrapped in a towel all day or a bathing cap, but we do not recommend it. You could also do a preventative OMG lice treatment once a month. An OMG lice treatment ensures that your child never gets an advanced lice infestation.
Pre-Camp Lice Check

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