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07 June

Looking head lice like more and more, now what?  Whether ’tis nobler to douse your child’s head with pesticides or to comb with a good metal nit comb. That is the question. First of all parents looking for Lice Treatment Boston today are confused. Should they use lice shampoo, pesticides, combs, or olive oil to treat lice? What is safe and what is effective? Thankfully here at NitWits we have been working with head lice day in and day out every day for the past 14 years. We do one bug and only one bug. Not bedbugs, not ticks, not fleas, not even body lice or pubic lice. All we do is head lice 24/7.

Looking head lice what to look for. That’s right we just do head lice and because we work exclusively with head lice. In addition we are a local business and not a chain. Furthermore at Nitwits we have become highly specialized and adept and getting rid of these pesky obligate parasites for parents all over the Boston area. Wondering if a trip to NitWits is worth it? Give us a call today to see what all the buzz is about, or ask your friends. Everyone has heard of NitWits and everyone is raving about NitWits.

Looking head lice in hair. Everyone gets so freaked out about lice! I don’t feel like I can tell my family and friends that my kids have lice. People will think I’m a bad Mommy, that I live in a dirty house and don’t bathe. “I watched my daughter like a hawk all day yesterday and she didn’t scratch her head once. Then I noticed live lice in hair today, her hair! How could she possibly have head lice today?”

Looking head lice how can you tell? People don’t itch when they have head lice. Even after using head lice shampoo people can still have lice, and not have an itchy scalp. If you have an itchy scalp, Olive Oil can help soothe an itchy scalp. Olive Oil also smothers and kills Head Lice. If we went around wearing Olive Oil in our hair every day, nobody would have Head Lice. In fact when we see Mom’s who have been using Egyptian Hair Oil in their hair regularly, they rarely have Head Lice. Bottom Line? Lice do not like Oil of any kind!

Looking head lice

live lice in hair

Looking head lice finding live lice in hair.  I’m not sure about which head lice removal treatment works. Good news! How come there’s such Lice Stigma? Lice stigma has nothing to do with head lice, it is leftover from body lice, a different insect that wreaked havoc 100 years ago. Because body lice carry typhus in wartime conditions. Guess what? Your kid doesn’t have body lice, only head lice.  So stop worrying about what the neighbors will think. Head Lice is manageable and easily treatable without the use of toxic pesticides.  617-816-9487 NitWits!  Local, Trusted, Professional. Since 2004.

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