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23 June

Does lice treatment kill nits? In fact the OTC and Rx lice treatments do not kill nits. First of all parents are led to believe that all it takes to treat lice are a couple of pesticide applications.  Consequently, a month later the school nurse tells parents that their child has lice again. However, in fact their child never got rid of lice in the first place. Because the lice treatments did not kill the nits. Furthermore parents need to know how to remove nits from their child’s scalp to effectively treat lice.

Does lice treatment kill nits? Hard to treat lice cases are the bane of a parent’s existence. Because parents are so busy in 2017, they do not have the time to check their kids for lice. In addition, parents do not have time to completely remove the nits from their child’s hair, or even their own hair.

When does lice treatment kill nits? It is especially relevant that head lice in the united states have developed almost 100% resistance to available lice treatments thus leading to the term “Super Lice”. In addition pediatricians and school nurses still often recommend the use of OTC and Rx lice treatments. Hence a very high level of frustration still exists for parents and families with lice.

Which lice treatment kill nits?  Parents are confused about effective lice treatment. When parents search online for proper and reasonable lice treatment options, they are bombarded with a large amount of confusing and conflicting information. In conclusion, we need to educate families and communities about the ineffectiveness of available lice treatments. In addition we need to teach families how to use a good metal lice comb to effectively remove all the nits from their child’s scalp. Not only do parents save money by lice combing,  but it prevents unnecessary pesticide exposure to children and the environment.

lice treatment kill nits

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