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Lice Removal Hair Salon Welcome to a Lice-Free World!

12 June

Lice Removal Hair Salon. NitWits has something none of our competitors have. Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH, school nurse for 13 years at Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge. As a result Berit, a Public Health Nurse, has designed NitWits to meet the highests standards of excellence for reliable, professional lice treatment. Our award-winning film will give you the information you need about lice right now. We bust the 3 most common urban myths about head lice.  Especially relevant, getting you and your family lice-free, and back to sanity, is our number 1 priority.

Lice Removal Hair Salon. First of all I have Lice and I am not happy about it! This morning at 2AM I felt something crawling on my scalp. Then I went to the bathroom to see what was going on. Next I took a comb and started combing my hair over the sink and a louse came out and fell into the sink. I was absolutely horrified. How can I have head lice? I don’t have any symptoms. My scalp doesn’t itch. What gives?

Lice Removal Hair Salon. Importantly most people with head lice never know that the bugs are there, because most people never itch. Furthermore everyone’s talking about “Super Lice” these days. Consequently I am starting to get really, really anxious about this lice thing.

Lice Removal Hair Salon. Don’t waste your time cleaning the house, or going to the drugstore.  Furthermore doing laundry and vacuuming the whole house does nothing to eradicate, or prevent the spread of, head lice. Rather, run to NitWits in Belmont, voted Best of Boston 14 years running! We can either get an OMG Lice Comb into your hands, so you can treat head lice yourself, or we can see you today and do it for you.

Lice Removal Hair Salon.  Almost all parents imagine that they can treat lice at home. But because they are so exhausted from doing all of the wrong things for head lice, they are too fried to simply comb out their child’s hair. Come to the experts who have been combing lice and nits out of Boston’s kids hair for 14 years.  That’s right NitWits is Boston’s first Head Lice Removal Treatment Salon, established in 2004. As a result we have helped thousands of grateful families in the Greater Boston Area. In conclusion if you want it done now and you want it done right, NitWits is the only place to go. Because our work is 100% guaranteed and we back up everything we do with our dedication to complete customer satisfaction.

Lice Removal Hair Salon

Do I Have Lice?

Lice Removal Hair Salon. NitWits voted Best of Boston 14 years running. Why go anywhere else? We do it right the first time and we have the best prices in Boston!

Lice Removal Hair Salon. Ready to regain your Peace of Mind Today? Finally you can call us at NitWits and you will be sleeping like a baby tonight.


Lice Removal Hair Salon

Lice Removal Hair Salon

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