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08 May

We have lice and we are losing our minds! Top 3 reasons lice is so stressful. 1. Parents are busy and don’t have time to spend long hours lice combing. 2. Lice stigma is still rampant in our society. 3. Parents are confused about how to treat lice, so they often use ineffective lice treatments.

We have lice. The number one reason that lice is so stressful. You barely have time to take care of the many multi-tasking items in your parenting to-do list as it is. Because between extracurricular sports, music and dance lessons, parents don’t have an extra second to breathe. When parents get a lice letter sent home from the school nurse they are often horrified at the task that lies ahead of them.

We have lice. The number two reason that lice is so stressful. Head Lice Stigma is widespread in the USA. What is head lice stigma. The neighbors are looking at you funny. Your child gets uninvited from playdates and birthday parties. Your relatives tell you that you and your children need to stay in a hotel when you come to visit them. The sad thing is, your children are not highly contagious when they have a head lice infestation. Your kids are very unlikely to spread head lice via furniture, clothing, carpets or automobiles. Head lice transmission is almost exclusively via head to head contact!

We have lice. The number three reason that lice is so stressful. First of all there is massive confusion about how to actually treat head lice and how to kill lice nits. Many parents run to CVS for OTC lice treatments and lice removal products containing pesticides. Furthermore what parents don’t know, is that in the last 3 years, studies have proven that lice treatments containing pesticides are no longer working. Pesticides don’t work any more for head lice. Many parents also waste huge amounts of time vacuuming and washing everything in the house. These measures are also not necessary to treat lice. Finally head lice travel very effectively from one nice warm head to the next, without needed to stop on inanimate objects on the way. Head lice treatment boston will get your sanity back today.

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