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26 May

Lice Check Needed Stat! Yes folks when you discover you have caught head lice you want it over with yesterday. In order to regain a sense of sanity and happiness you need a NitWits appointment immediately. That is exactly what NitWits is set up for. Lice is all we do, and we do it particularly well according to hordes of parents who have thanked us profusely for our needed service.

Lice Check Needed. Many parents feel that they can get lice under control in their own children. However when it comes to getting their own head checked, parents often feel more comfortable with a professional lice check. Best of Boston NitWits, sees many parents, especially Moms who want our one and done approach. A visit to NitWits today allows you to sleep like a baby tonight. Not only will we eradicate your lice problem for good, but you will be much more knowledgeable about this annoying, but harmless obligate human parasite.

Lice Check Needed. Interestingly, head lice have developed significant resistance to pesticides in the past 5 years in the United States. Furthermore, parents continue to use these ineffective pesticide lice treatments on their children.  A single prescription lice treatment containing ivermectin costs parents $279.60. This cost is often not covered by health insurance. Yikes! No wonder parents are stressed out about head lice. No worries. At NitWits we see many Pediatricians with their families in our office. Since out focus on education as well as head lice treatment boston, families leave feeling a lot more relaxed and more informed after their visit.

Lice Check Needed. Do think you might have a lice infestation in your family? Do you want to learn more about the extraordinary history of lice stigma, lice treatment, and lice military history? Are you curious about the difference between head lice and body lice? In fact parents in the Greater Boston Area do not need to worry that their children have body lice. The only kind of lice your children could have is head lice. Head lice travel from head to head in elementary school aged children. Furthermore the Lice Removal Treatment Clinic that Boston Parents are raving about is within a 10 minute drive from your house!


Lice Check Needed

Lice Check Needed

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