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Head lice looking stuff in your hair? Nitwits 1st Best Lice Service

30 May

Head lice looking stuff in my child’s hair. First of all most people are unlikely to ever see a head louse. What with their highly developed camouflage abilities and their speed through hair. Furthermore Head Lice are extremely difficult to see.  Lice have spent centuries developing powerful and clever camouflage to be able to evade visual detection by humans. In conclusion the best way to detect head lice is to use the clinically proven method of combing with a good metal nit comb.  This method is also the best and safest head lice removal treatment.

Head lice looking things seem to be in your hair? Many creatures in nature have developed different types of camouflage in order to make themselves invisible to the human eye. Head Lice are one of these creatures. The 2 main ways that head lice make themselves undetectable to the human eye are firstly Head Lice are transparent, like a jellyfish and you can look right through them. Secondly Head Lice eggs (nits) are iridescent, reflecting light in ways that makes them invisible to humans. In addition many creatures living in the deep sea also use the same adaptations to survive. These adaptations allow head lice to thrive on the human scalp in 2016 and make finding an effective head lice removal treatment difficult.

Head lice looking like bugs. Head lice have highly stylized claws on the distal ends of their six legs. As seen in the photo below the claw looks a lot like a lobster claw. Parents often ask us if lice can be spread by hockey helmets.  The truth is, helmets, hats, and hair brushes do not spread head lice.

Head lice looking items found in scalp. Head Lice have wonderfully designed claws at the ends of their 6 legs that have the strength of a hydraulic clamp.  Any time Head Lice sense the motion of a foreign object in the hair, such as taking off a hat, brushing hair, taking off a helmet or changing a shirt, the Lice clamp onto the hair shaft with their claws and wait for the disturbance to subside.  In fact it is very difficult to “knock” a head louse off of a human head.  Head Lice know that their lives are over if they leave a human head, so they do all they can to hold on.  Ergo the lack of Lice in helmets, hats and hairbrushes.  Head Lice can be treated safely with our Organic Eco-Friendly Head Lice Treatment at NitWits

Head lice looking

what do lice look like

Head lice looking Head lice looking

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