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I think I have a Hair Louse. Professional Lice Nurse On Duty

10 May

Hair Louse. There are three kinds of lice that humans get. Head lice, body lice and pubic lice. In fact there is a tremendous amount of confusion surrounding these 3 distinct species of lice. First of all head lice is the only type of lice that you or your child are going to get in 2017. Not body lice and not pubic lice. A century ago many people in the world had body lice and the body lice carried typhus. Typhus during WWI and WWII were particularly prevalent. In fact a race was on to develop the first typhus vaccine during WWII. Because it was thought that whomever discovered the typhus vaccine first would be able to win the war.

Hair Louse. Better known as a head louse or pediculosis humanis capitis, has fared well in humans for thousands of years. No matter what humans use to try to get rid of them, head lice are doing just fine in 2017. In fact pesticides are no longer effective in treating human head lice.

Hair Louse. Mutant Super Lice bothering folks in your neighborhood? Summertime is high season for lice. In fact many children still have lice at the end of the school year which they carry with them to summer camp. According to a recently published study in the Journal of Entomology  in 42 of the 48 states tested, 100% of the tested lice have developed resistance to the active ingredients in the most commonly used OTC lice treatments.

Hair Louse. Most people experience zero symptoms when they contract head lice. That’s right: zero symptoms! That means most people never have itching due to lice.  This confuses parents when they discover their child has had head lice for a number of weeks and they did not know about it.

Hair Louse. Although head lice bite the human scalp several times each day, the bite is not felt nor is itching felt afterwards.  When a head louse takes a blood meal by biting the scalp, the louse introduces 3 substances: saliva, an anticoagulant, and an anesthetic into the bite site on the human host. Any, or all, of these substances can trigger an allergic reaction, however this rarely happens. Only 20% of individuals with lice experience itching symptoms, and this only after they have had head lice for at least 3 months.

Hair Louse. One of the symptoms of head lice that can develop after 4-6 weeks of lice infestation is a rash on the back of the neck. This rash is often mistaken for lice bites, however it is not lice bites. The rash is an allergic reaction to either louse saliva, louse anticoagulant, or louse anesthetic.

Hair Louse. Your best bet is to go to a lice removal treatment clinic such as NitWits in Belmont, MA. NitWits provides a Premier Class of head lice treatment. Our Head Lice Boston lice removal service, with the most experienced, highly trained staff in the Boston area. Every visit is completely confidential, and every client is treated in a private treatment room. Contact NitWits today to see why Boston parents are raving about our services.

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