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Lice Clean Hair School Top Three Lice Tips

05 April

Lice Clean Hair School.  Did my child get lice at school? The lice letters have been coming home from the school nurse almost once a week. I think my child might have lice and the only place she could have gotten it is at school right? Wrong. Your child could have been exposed to head lice any time she was with another child. Family gatherings, gymnastics class, playdates, sleepovers, etc. So it is not reasonable to assume your child got lice at school, or that your child’s school is responsible for your child’s lice case. Your school is not responsible for the recent outbreak of lice at the school either.

Lice Clean Hair School. It may well be that head lice is simply going around your community right now. That means that at any given time 10% of the kids in your community have lice. When any of those lice infested kids put their heads together. Bingo, that is when the head lice travel from head #1 to head #2. Many parents still rush to the pharmacy to purchase and use ineffective lice shampoos. Studies this summer have shown that the pesticides lice shampoos don’t work any more. This gives the lice more time to multiply and spread.

Lice Clean Hair School. Should my school nurse be responsible for checking every child in the school for lice? Should the nurse be responsible for keeping head lice out of my school? No. The role of the school nurse is not to keep head lice out of the school. First of all head lice is not a dangerous or CDC reportable disease such as flu, measles, or pertussis. Head lice should not be classified as a public health issue, since head lice do not carry or spread disease. School nurses have lots of sick kids to care for in schools these days with serious health conditions such as diabetes and asthma. With all of the documentation required by school nurses, they have little time left over to deal with head lice and the anxiety that goes with it.

Lice Clean Hair School

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