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06 April

Hair Nits Lice. I looked in my daughter’s hair today and saw not only lots of little nits, but also bugs, which I am assuming must be lice. If you are seeing lice and nits, your child has most likely had head lice for at least 2-3 months. Horrified? Most parents are. Aside from the yuck factor, parents are stressed out about head lice due to head lice stigma. Head Lice stigma implies that you are a bad parent and you live in a decrepit house. Head lice stigma leads parents to try to hide the fact that their child has lice from family, friends and the school nurse. This gives the head lice more time to reproduce, proliferate and send out satellite lice to start up new lice colonies on the heads of other children.

Hair Nits Lice. Parents are shocked to learn that their child has a head full of lice and has never had any head lice symptoms. In fact people rarely have head lice symptoms of any kind. Everyone thinks itching equals head lice, however an itchy scalp is a very rarely a head lice symptom. Sometimes kids get a rash on the back of the neck. This is not lice bites. This is an allergic rash to the lice bites.

Hair Nits Lice. How to treat for lice? At this point the OTC lice treatments are no longer effective. Head lice have become resistant to pyrethroid pesticides. This has led to the term Super Lice in the media. So parents are left scratching their heads in terms of choices of head lice treatment to use. Luckily NitWits Intelligent Lice Treatment is located right here in Boston. Our Lice Removal Treatment Clinic offices in Belmont, MA offer 3 private treatment rooms, highly experienced, knowledgeable lice practitioners, free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and lots of DVDs. Here is an actual comment from a recent Mom who came to our NitWits office!

“My daughter came away saying “Mommy that was so much fun! I really enjoyed getting Lice.” Seriously!”

Hair Nits and Lice

Hair Nits and Lice

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