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Hair Lice Itching Symptoms. Get Help Now!

29 April

Hair Lice Itching Symptoms. First of all the majority of people with head lice never experience any itching symptoms . Furthermore the urban myth that itching symptoms is a part of head lice is widespread. After approximately 3 months some people do have itching symptoms when they’ve contracted head lice. From the perspective of a head louse this makes perfect sense. A louse does not want their host to know that they are setting up a new Head Lice Colony on their their head. In a well populated lice colony, the lice send out satellite lice to other hosts to create new satellite colonies. How, you may ask, could my child have had head lice for 3 months and I not know it? Head Lice have developed resistance to the most commonly used pesticide lice treatments. Therefore one hears the commonly used term “super lice”.

For the first 3 months of a lice infestation, the individual is being bitten thousands of times by head lice who need to take a blood meal 4 times a day. A head louse leaves saliva, anticoagulant, and anesthetic when feeding on a human host. Most people never have a reaction to any of these three substances. A small minority of individuals will have an allergic reaction after a tipping point, which comes 3 months since the initial louse landed on the host. The tipping point is an allergic trigger reaction with can cause the scalp to become extremely itchy, seemingly overnight. In addition some of these individuals also exhibit an allergic rash on the back of the neck.

Lice Itching Symptoms. Head lice do not cause any health problems at all. Head Lice are not a CDC reportable disease or condition. Head Lice is very stressful for parents due to a combination of misinformation, fear and social stigma. Schools still wrongly ostracize and exclude students when they have head lice. Keeping kids out of school does not prevent the spread of head lice. In fact even the CDC says kids should be kept in school when they have head lice.

Hair Lice Itching Symptoms. The key to eradicating head lice is education and the proper tools. NitWits mission is to educate families and de-mystify the popular urban myths surrounding head lice. NitWits provides the best and most trusted head lice treatment boston available. Peace of mind can be yours today.


Hair Lice Itching Symptoms

Hair Lice Itching Symptoms

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