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Lice Love School Vacation Week. NitWits Vacation Blog

25 March

Lice Love School Vacation Week.  Our latest parent story “Yes, we were invited to the Bahamas over school vacation week with my brother’s family. My brother’s kids had lice and guess what? My kids ended up getting head lice from their cousins.  The snorkeling and swimming were fabulous, but I was furious at my brother and his wife for infesting our kids with lice!!

Lice Love School Vacation Week. Does your child have cousins the same age as she is? That’s right folks, those cousins spend hours together over the holidays and they love each other very much. Head lice love the cousins even more. Why? Because head lice like kids. Kids have nice warm scalps and kids are very cuddly and physical with each other.

Lice Love School Vacation Week. Head Lice just love school vacation weeks, because the California lice can infest the Boston cousins and get a free ride to Massachusetts via the Bahamas! What to do? You can do a lice comb out with the OMG lice comb OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb after your trip. This will stop lice in their tracks if your kids still have an early case, making it much easier to treat!

Lice Love School Vacation Week. The sun the sand, or the sledding and skiing can be a wonderful break from the daily routine, especially during a New England winter! However, one of the worst experiences for a parent on vacation is to discover lice on their kid’s head. It can mar the whole trip as parents are left wondering what to do about the lice so far away from home.

For free Lice Advice over the phone any time of the day or night, give a call to Christine at NitWits. She can talk you through the basic steps of safe chemical-free lice treatment at home. Still feel like you need more help? Make a same day appointment at our family-friendly treatment clinic in Belmont, MA. We hope to talk to you or see you soon.

Lice Love School Vacation Week

Lice Love School Vacation Week

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