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ADHD Lice Pesticide Connection Seen In Recent Study

09 March

ADHD Lice Pesticide Connection. A recent study shoesed an increased incidence of behavioral disorders with exposure to the pesticide used in common OTC lice treatments. Many parents who come to NitWits professional head lice treatment, loathe the idea of the putting chemicals on their kids head. In addition this 2016 study by Dr. Kyong Sup Yoon showed that in 48 states the lice are showing 100% resistance to pesticide treatments. If this all has you scratching your head, then join the crowd. Parents are flummoxed and super stressed when it comes to lice. The added concern that the treatments might be harmful just adds to the stress.  Thank goodness there is NitWits, Lice Treatment Boston, Pesticide-free and 100% Peace of Mind.

ADHD Lice Pesticide Connection. The school nurse says my kid can’t come back to school until she is lice and nit-free. It turns out that the best way to get rid of lice is not chemicals, medication, or pesticides, but combing, combing, combing. Will just any old lice comb work? Nope, you need to get a lice comb with metal teeth that are close enough together to pull both the lice and the little tiny lice nits out of the hair. Here at NitWits we use the OMG comb and are really happy with it. We send our families home educated and relieved to have learned about head lice and how exactly to treat a lice infestation.

ADHD Lice Pesticide Connection.  Some people even spray pesticides in their homes and on their furniture in the hopes of eradicating lice from their lives. Sadly this is a huge waste of time and money. Contrary to popular belief, lice are not even in your home. They exist solely on the nice warm scalps of school-aged kids. Occasionally we see them in college students and toddlers and parents. But most of the time head lice, who are really picky about hosts, will gravitate to young kids. Head lice transmission happens because young kids like to cuddle and touch heads often. Also the scalps of young kids are nice and warm!

ADHD Lice Pesticide Connection

ADHD Lice Pesticide Connection


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