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12 September

nits lice tigers bears oy vey! Feeling plagued by head lice in your home? Wondering if you have the same kinds of lice as other primates? Fear not. Humans have head lice that only like humans. In fact our scalps have their very own lice that only like human scalps. Check out our NitWits video of baboons picking nits! Humans can not catch lice from baboons. Baboons can not catch lice from humans. Baboons have their own variations of lice.

nits lice tigers bears oy vey! Dogs, cats, guinea pigs and hamsters cannot catch lice from you, nor can you get head lice from them. So it is time to relax and take a deep breath. Head lice are not that difficult to treat. Consequently you do not need to put chemical lice removal products on your child’s head to treat head lice. Recent studies have shown that pesticide lice shampoos are no longer effective in treating head lice infestations.

nits lice tigers bears oy vey! Furthermore parasites, by their very nature, tend to be obligate species. Obligate lice species such as baboon lice, bird lice, and human head lice are all species of lice that are specially adapted to their specific habitat. As a result, human head lice have had thousands of years to learn how to survive and thrive on the human scalp. What does survive and  thrive mean? Since the lice life cycle of the human head louse is only 30 days, the louse lice survival depends upon specific touch-points during that 30 day window, as many lice eggs are laid and as many offspring are produced, so that, through head lice transmission, satellite lice, and can spread to other human scalps to ensure the survival of the species (via the satellite colonies). In addition head lice have been able to develop camouflage that makes them difficult to be seen by the human eye.

nits lice tigers bears oy vey! Being an obligate species means, above all, that you need to be able to rapidly adapt to new environmental and habitat obstacles, such as pesticidal lice treatments. Head lice have shown repeatedly that they can adapt to new pesticide threats. This is why head lice in the United States are thriving in 2016. Want to learn more? Give us a call here at NitWits  The Premier Head Lice Treatment Boston Service, NitWits will continue to educate you about head lice treatment Boston

and head lice prevention. Knowledge is Power!


nits lice tigers bears oy vey

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