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14 July

Remove Lice Nits. First of all Lice made it to the Front page of the New York Daily News with Make America Itch Again highlighted. Lice are still very very unpopular in the United States.

Remove Lice Nits

make america itch again

Nowadays It seems everyone still believes that you itch when you have lice. In fact most people never itch when they have head lice. Body lice and pubic lice may have itching symptoms right away but head lice never do.

Remove Lice Nits. Head lice are confused with body lice and pubic lice, that’s why head lice have such a strong stigma. In fact head lice stigma should be removed because head lice are harmless and almost all children are exposed to them regularly during their childhoods. Thereby giving most US children the chance for head lice transmission often during elementary school.

Remove Lice Nits. The only way to successfully and efficiently remove nits is to comb them out. What is the best kind of comb to use for removing nits? The OMG Nit-Free Terminator Lice Comb. This is the lice comb used by The Best professional head lice removal business in the Boston area.

Remove Lice Nits. Parents can now stop worrying about super lice.   Boston Magazine  recently interviewed NitWits to learn more about super lice. In this blog post in Boston Magazine Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH the founder of NitWits, reminds parents that they do not need be concerned about the recent press coverage about Super Lice. Super Lice are the same head lice that have been traveling with humans for at least 170,000 years that have been smart enough to become resistant to pesticides.

Remove Lice Nits. The biggest problem for parents is a lack of accurate information about head lice and a strong stigma. There are many urban myths about lice that continue to circulate amongst the parent community. These urban myths lead parents to vacuum, bag, and launder everything in the house, non of which is indicated for head lice. To learn more contact the lice experts at NitWits Boston

Remove Lice Nits.

Removing Nits

Remove Lice Nits.

OMG Lice Comb


Remove Lice Nits

Remove Lice Nits

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