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Preventing Lice Yes Dorothy You can Prevent Lice!

03 May

Preventing Lice. Ever wonder how to keep your kid from getting lice in the first place? That’s right. You can easily prevent lice. How? Do a preventative monthly head lice removal treatment comb-out with the OMG Lice comb. Head Lice is manageable and you can take control of your head lice situation

Preventing Lice. How do I keep my kids from getting Lice from the other kids in their classroom? Other students will definitely be bringing Head Lice into the classroom. Do a monthly OMG Head Lice Comb comb-out on your kid for prevention. Just focus on your child. You can’t do anything about the other families in the classroom.

Preventing Lice. Heard your nieces and nephews had head lice in California? Will you be getting together with your “lousy” relatives over summer vacation? Head Lice love the summertime, because the California lice can infest the Boston cousins and get a free ride to Massachusetts on Jet Blue! What to do? You can do a preventative lice comb out with the OMG lice comb after you return from your trip. This will stop lice in their tracks if your kids have an early case, making it much easier to treat! For the latest info on head lice removal treatment: www.liceinfo.net OMG Lice Comb

Preventing Lice.  Is it necessary to use pesticides? Pesticide shampoos are no longer effective since head lice have developed resistance. The best head lice treatment is combing the lice and nits out of the hair. At Nitwits we teach you everything you need to know about head lice removal treatment and preventing head lice. 617-816-9486 www.liceinfo.net

Preventing Lice

Preventing Lice

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