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Lice on Hair. Come to NitWits crying, leave laughing!

17 May

Lice on Hair. Can’t tell if the stuff in your hair is head lice or not? Here is a questionnaire that will help you determine if you have head lice. 1. Are you an elementary school aged child? 2. Do you work or live with elementary school aged children? 3. Does your scalp itch? 4. Do you worry frequently that you might have lice? 5. Do you wake up at 4am feeling like something is crawling around on your scalp?

Lice on Hair. If you answered no on both questions 1 & 2, then you need not worry about how you answered questions 3, 4, & 5. If you are not an elementary school aged child, and if you do not live or work with an elementary school aged child, there is no possible way that you could have been exposed to head lice.

Head lice are endemic to the elementary school aged population on the United States. However head lice are not endemic to adults in the United States. This means you have to be curled up reading a book with a 9 year old girl, or other elementary school kid who has lice, in order to get head lice. Also head lice are harmless and do not carry any kind of disease. Relax and take a deep breath. Head lice are manageable!

Lice on Hair. What to do about hair lice? Pesticides no longer make any kind of a difference at all when it comes to head lice. Why? Because head lice are excellent at becoming resistant to lice pesticide shampoo treatments. OK if you can’t use the lice treatments they sell at CVS then what options do you have? We here at NitWits recommend the OMG Lice Comb. The OMG Lice Comb is the very same comb that we use right here in our NitWits office in Belmont! Parents are raving about our client centered lice services.

Lice on Hair

Lice on Hair

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