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Home Treatment Lice. Head Lice are Manageable.

12 May

Home Treatment Lice. Head Lice is always an emergency. Once you find lice on your kid you want it gone! Parents are shocked to learn that their child has lice. Mortified that their child can’t come to school because of lice. Terrified that lice have infested their entire home and family. Trying to tease out the best lice treatment just adds to the terror. Relax and take a deep breath! Head lice are manageable. First of all Head Lice are not even in you house at all. Head lice do not like cold places. Any place off of a child’s head is too cold and head lice are very unlikely to go there, because they will not be able to find food, they will experience hypothermia and they will die.

Home Treatment Lice. Do you have “Mom Lice Stress”? MLS is a condition that affects all Moms, even if your kid does not have lice. After the dreaded Lice Letter comes home from school here is what happens next:

1. You feel you have to become a bug expert overnight

2. Your house doesn’t feel safe anymore

3. You stay up till 2am doing 10 loads of laundry

4. Your whole body itches

5. You Need 10 extra hours a day

6. You feel like there is something moving in your hair

7. Hey, this is my hair, this is a big deal!

8. You feel tired and cranky

Home Treatment Lice. I found lice on my daughter’s head last night. I ran over to CVS and bought everything on the lice aisle, I didn’t care how much it cost. I was up till 2:00am shampooing, combing, vacuuming and doing laundry! The school nurse sent my daughter home from school today anyway! Help! What is the best head lice removal treatment?

Home Treatment Lice. What’s a Mom to do? Feeling oppressed by all the lice letters coming home from school? You can do a simple monthly preventative hair comb-out on your child’s hair. This will prevent head lice and catch early cases. In addition, combing is also the best head lice removal treatment. Want to learn more from Boston’s Best Lice ExpertsNitwits is here for your peace of mind. We’ll talk you through it over the phone, or you can come to us and we’ll take care of it for you today! 617-816-9487 www.liceinfo.net

Home Treatment Lice

Home Treatment Lice

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