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Home Remedies Lice Non-Toxic

10 May

Home Remedies Lice Non-Toxic. Head Lice breath through little tubes in their outer shells called spiracles. You can clog their breathing tubes using olive oil. This is one of the reasons that olive oil is an effective head lice treatment. All you need at your house for DYI lice treatment is olive oil, the OMG Lice Comb and hair conditioner. Put conditioner in the hair and start combing. Keep combing until you don’t see any more pepper spots. Got it? Feeling like head lice are hard to see? You are correct. Head lice have been spending thousands of years developing camouflage to make them hard for you to see. Head lice have had a huge head start on humans in terms of being able to evolve to avoid detection by humans!

Home Remedies Lice Non-Toxic. What is the difference between olive oil, pesticide lice shampoos and combing with a metal nit comb?  Olive oil is useful in treating lice because the lice breath through tubules in their shells called spiracles.  Olive oil clogs the spiracles depriving the lice of oxygen which smothers them. Pesticide lice shampoos were effective when they were first introduced over ten years ago.  Now, however lice have developed resistance to the pesticides in the shampoos, rendering them ineffective.  Combing with a good metal nit comb is effective because it can strip the lice eggs (nits) off of the hair shaft.  Olive oil and pesticide shampoos do nothing to kill nits.

Home Remedies Lice Non-Toxic. Head Lice have been with us for hundreds of thousands of years.  In fact 170,000 years! Head Lice treatment removal has ranged from beef tallow to olive oil to pesticide shampoos.  We have never been able to get rid of them as humans.  You can get rid of them in your family however using our simple non-toxic family friendly treatment.  Call us today, you’ll sleep better tonight  617-816-9487   www.liceinfo.net  NitWits Intelligent Head Lice Treatment

Home Remedies Lice Non-Toxic

Home Remedies Lice Non-Toxic

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