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Where does lice come from?

23 April

Where does lice come from?  It is estimated that head lice have been traveling with humans for at least 170,000 years. 170,000 years ago body lice evolved from head lice after humans lost all of their body hair and started to wear clothing. It is thought that humans had not needed to wear clothing for about 100,000 years until the second to last ice age.

Where does lice come from? Dogs and Cats do not get head lice. They have plenty of their own parasites. Head lice are specific to humans, in particular human heads. Head lice have adapted to the unique environment of the human hair and scalp. The whole life cycle of the human head louse takes place within 1/2 inch of the surface of the scalp. Feeding, breeding, egg laying and maturing throughout the 30 day life cycle.  Why go anywhere else. In fact head lice are quite picky about moving on to new hosts. The new host has to be perfect! Want to learn more? www.liceinfo.net

Where does lice come from? Where did it come from? People with head lice are considered dirty and impoverished. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Head Lice are thriving in 2016. Lice are resistant to chemical shampoos and difficult to see. Most people do not want to think about lice and like to pretend it will go away if they ignore it. Few parents understand the best head lice removal treatment. At NitWits we focus on education and teaching you about head lice prevention and treatment.

Where does lice come from? Head Lice have evolved with humans. We have brought lice with us ever since we were prehistoric humans. Head Lice are successful parasites. They understand the mantra “adapt or die”, so they have been able to adapt as we try to get rid of them, so that we cannot get rid of them. It is important to understand the natural history of head lice, the life-cycle and how they survive.  Then you have the key to eradicating them successfully and safely without pesticides.

Our clients love us because we focus on education. Knowledge is Power! Contact us if you want to learn more 617-816-9487    www.liceinfo.net

Where does lice come from?

Head Lice in Dutch Art

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