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Skin Lice Do I have it? Peace of Mind is Within Reach

22 April

Skin Lice. The dreaded word lice conjures up all sorts of negative imagery due to lice stigma. Makes you itch just thinking about it!  What is lice stigma and why is there so much confusion about head lice and other kinds of lice? in 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts highly educated parents still no very little about head lice. Head Lice removal treatment is a moving target and every specialist you go to gives you different advice. Relax and take a deep breath. Head lice are actually not difficult to treat.

Skin Lice. Parents find themselves spending 10 hours washing every stitch of clothing in the house, feeling itchy and wondering if they are the neighborhood pariah. Easy there, head lice are ubiquitous in elementary school aged children. If you kid gets head lice, you are not a bad parent, you are a normal parent.

Skin Lice. Your life doesn’t have to come to a complete standstill if your child contracts head lice.  You can treat lice at home yourself without tearing up the whole house. Why? because head lice are actually not in your house at all.  The big mistake parents make is going to CVS and buying the lice products with pesticides. Pesticidal Lice Products do not work on lice anymore. This leads parents down a road of having a false sense of security about head lice treatment. If your school says, “you can bring you child back to school after one application of pesticide lice shampoo” this is not helping you. Why? The lice eggs are completely unaffected by pesticide lice shampoo. No they are not super lice and super nits, they are just performing as expected for an obligate parasite that only lives on the human scalp. Therefore after the pesticides are rinsed down the drain (probably not great for the groundwater) the nits start up hatching again. Ready to create a whole new healthy lice colony on your child’s scalp.

Skin Lice

Skin Lice and Delusional Parasitosis

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