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Plague of Lice Happy Passover. Check for Lice Now!

14 April

Plague of Lice Happy Passover. When you hear about a plague of lice during Passover you may wonder “Does this have anything to do with Head Lice?”. In fact the lice being referred to in the 3rd plague, are Desert Locusts, a pest known for centuries to be able to swarm and wipe out hundreds of square miles of crops in 1 day in Africa, the Middle East (and even Europe and Russia). The Desert Locust eggs can survive for up to 20 years until favorable conditions (usually a large amount of rain) contribute to a mass hatching of the insects. The Desert Locust is known to contribute to famine and food instability in Africa and the Middle East.

Plague of Lice Happy Passover. During Passover Celebrations there is mention of the Plagues of Egypt and the

Plague of Lice Happy Passover

Plague of Lice Happy Passover

10 plagues that were inflicted upon Egypt by the God of Israel to persuade the Pharoah to release the Israelites from slavery. The Plague of Lice is known as The Third Plague.

Plague of Lice Happy Passover. Since the plague of lice is considered a punishment, or a bad thing, this just adds to all of the bad things associated with lice. This adds to lice stigma. There are a lot on negative words associated with lice such as the following words or phrases: Lousy, I’m going to Louse this up, Stop being so Nit-picky, I’m going to go through your presentation with a Fine-Toothed Comb, You Really are a NitWit!

Why did we name our Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service NitWits? You have the Nits and we have the Wits. Or another way to put is “We will OutWit your Nits”. At NitWits a big part of what we do is Education about Head Lice. Whether in the office while we get rid of your nits, or out in the community while we present to your PTO group: We want to get the word out that Head Lice are Harmless and Manageable. We want you to know that you can stop using Pesticides which are ineffective for head lice

Plague of Lice Happy Passover

Plague of Lice Happy Passover


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