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Olive Oil Head Lice. You can smother those Lice!

25 April

Olive Oil Head Lice. What with the inability of head lice treatments with pesticides to do the job of eradicating head lice, what choices do parents have in the treatment of head lice in Boston, Massachusetts in 2016? It’s all about the combing, not the lice treatment shampoos, (which don’t work any more). How to comb for lice. Put conditioner or olive oil in the hair. Saturate the hair. Take the OMG Lice Comb and comb all around the head making sure to cover all sections. Wipe the comb on a white paper towel. Keep combing until all of the lice and nits have been removed.

Olive Oil Head Lice.Head lice have become resistant to lice treatment products that contain pesticides. Therefore it is a waste of parent’s money and time to use OTC or Rx lice products with ineffective, and potentially harmful, chemicals in them. Remember head lice have been around for centuries and they are not easy to get rid of. Head lice are manageable and lice are not harmful. If it were not for the strong lice stigma, parents would be able to realize that their kids having lice is no big deal.

Olive Oil Head Lice. What about tea tree oil for lice? Although there is anecdotal evidence that tea tree oil has some preventative properties when it comes to lice, we have seen many families who have used tea tree oil, who still end up getting lice. Many families use hair sprays containing tea tree oil and couch spray and bed spray, however none of these products do anything to kill lice. So save your money and instead purchase the best lice comb we have ever seen The OMG Lice Comb

Olive Oil Head Lice.Any kind of oil will make your hair less interesting to head lice. Oil makes the hair difficult to walk on and to lay eggs on. In fact you use the OMG Comb with olive oil to comb out the lice and nits. Why do parents try to put different kinds of oil in their children’s hair to kill lice? Because first parents try the pesticide shampoos and find that their kids still have lice because the pesticide shampoos do not work on lice. You cannot treat an active head lice case with tea tree oil because tea tree oil, olive oil, baby oil, motor oil, any oil will not penetrate the nearly bulletproof nits or lice eggs. The nits have a hard shell encasing the growing baby louse, and nothing passes through the nit shell. Therefore the only way to treat lice is to comb with a good metal nit comb. What is the best good metal nit comb out there? The OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb.

Olive Oil Head Lice

OMG Olive Oil Head Lice Treatment


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