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Nits Lice top 3 Head Lice Myths Busted

11 April

Nits Lice. Here are the top 3 myths about head lice. Lice Myth #1: Head Lice are crawling all over your house, carpet, car and bedding. Fact: Head Lice are only able to survive in one place on planet earth and that is the human scalp. So you can stop wasting your valuable time vacuuming and laundering and bagging everything. It is exhausting and unnecessary. Instead you should be using your time either calling a lice treatment company or combing out the lice and nits from your child’s hair with a good metal nit comb.

Nits Lice. Lice Myth #2: Head Lice can be effectively treated with lice shampoo products you purchase at the drug store or pharmacy. Fact: Pesticide head lice treatments no longer work to kill head lice. Head lice have developed genetic resistance to pesticide shampoos. It was found that head lice were resistant in 25 out of 30 states in which they were tested, including Massachusetts. The fact is that not only do pesticide shampoos no longer work on head lice, but they never worked on nits. You must mechanically remove (comb or pick) the nits from the hair shaft in order to get rid of a case of head lice. Take a look at this map to see the states in which resistant head lice were found.

nits lice

states with pesticide resistant lice

Nits Lice. Lice Myth #3: Head Lice prefer clean hair. Fact: Head lice don’t care if your hair is clean or not. Head lice are equal opportunity parasites. Families with head lice live in clean houses with clean children with clean hair. So why all the misinformation about head lice? One word sums it up:   Stigma. Head Lice still carry a huge stigma (which is outdated and inaccurate).  Outdated because the stigma really began with body lice and people living in crowded conditions and extreme poverty. But guess what? Families who get head lice nowadays are not impoverished or living in cramped quarters. Still, the stigma persists and adds yet another layer of stress to families already stressed to the max due to a plethora of inaccurate and conflicting information about head lice on the internet.  The solution to head lice is simple.  Comb regularly with the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb. The best and safest head lice removal treatment available.

Nits Lice

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