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Lice Medication Prescription. NitWits to the Rescue!

20 April

Lice Medication Prescription does it work? Head Lice have become resistant to pesticides used in both OTC and Rx Lice Medications. This is has led to recent media talk about Super Lice. What are Super Lice?  Super Lice are head lice that have developed resistance to the available pesticides in lice treatment preparations. Therefore even if parents use OTC lice treatments, their children may still have lice.

Lice Medication Prescription. The nits are impervious to prescription lice treatments. This makes lice treatment very confusing for parents who think that one or two applications of pesticide shampoo will make head lice go away. In fact the head lice survive the lice shampoo and the nits just keep on hatching and starting up another successful lice colony on your child’s head.

Lice Medication Prescription. Prescription lice medication has traditionally been malathion or lindane, both powerful neurotoxins. Head Lice have developed resistance to malathion and lindane, leaving parents wondering how to best treat lice. In fact Lindane is no longer available in California for the use of lice treatment. However lindane is still being prescribed in other states in the US, including Massachusetts.

The use of prescription lice medication assumes that you can easily treat lice with chemicals. Those days are long gone, as lice are now resistant to chemicals. This is one of the reasons why lice are doing so well in 2018. Americans expect to being able to find a quick magic bullet to treat illness and medical problems. With head lice, sadly there is no magic bullet. However with a good lice comb you are well on your way to successfully lice treatment. Are you ready to get back to what you were doing before this whole head lice thing took over your life? Are you ready to reclaim your peace of mind and put this lice fiasco behind you?

Lice Medication Prescription

Lice Medication Prescription

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