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Lice detector. How to tell if you have Lice.

27 April

Lice detector. Put some OMG Conditioner in your hair. Start combing with the OMG Lice Comb. Voila! You will be able to tell immediately if you have head lice. Yes folks it is that simple. Head Lice are manageable and they don’t have to take over your whole life.

Lice detector. First of all you can stop vacuuming, bagging and washing everything. Because head lice do not live in your house. Head lice only can survive on a nice warm head. Head Lice will only leave that nice warm head when another nice warm head comes along.

Lice detector. Your time is valuable and you don’t have time to waste doing ineffective measures that don’t make any difference when it comes to eradicating head lice. You time should be spent combing the lice and nits out of your child’s hair. Feeling overwhelmed? Give NitWits a call today and we will take care of your head lice problem with the white glove service you can expect from Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Specialists

Where did these Head Lice come from? It turns out that Head Lice have been evolving with us before humans started to wear clothing 170,000 years ago. We have had lice ever since we were prehistoric humans. Head lice are like many successful parasites. In order to survive, successful parasites aka head lice must be able to evolve quickly to adapt to changing conditions. This explains why lice must quickly become resistant to pesticide head lice removal treatments. Hey, you have to give these bugs credit, lice have survived for thousands of years being completely dependent on one environment: the human scalp! Between the natural history of head lice and the life-cycle, once you understand these issues, you have the key to eradicating them successfully and safely. Our clients love us because we focus on education. Knowledge is Power! Call us if you want to learn more

Lice detector

OMG Lice Comb

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