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Home Lice Remedy. Happy Marathon Monday!

19 April

Home Lice Remedy. Yes folks you can treat lice at home and it barely has to cost you anything. First off, do not, I repeat, do not run to CVS and buy the lice stuff there. All of the commercial OTC pesticide lice shampoos and other lice stuff you can get at CVS doesn’t work? How do we know this? 1. Families keep beating a path to our NitWits office in Belmont. 2. Studies show that lice have developed resistance to the OTC Lice Products.

Home Lice Remedy. Feel like you are running in your very own Boston Lice Marathon?  The laundry, the vacuuming, the bagging of stuffed animals? We have very good news for you. You can stop all of the housework which has nothing to do with getting rid of head lice. Whoa, can you say that again? That’s right you can stop vacuuming, washing everything, doing the laundry and bagging stuffed animals right now. All of these measures would be fabulous if your child had body lice, bedbugs or fleas. And here is the good news: Your child does not have body lice, bedbugs or fleas! Yippee! Now you can focus on really making a difference in your very own head lice marathon.

Home Lice Remedy. The comb. It’s all about the comb. If you don’t have the right comb, what you are doing about head lice doesn’t make any kind of a difference. The combs that come in the lice kits at CVS are useless. The only comb that does anything is the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb. Throw some conditioner into your child’s hair and start combing.

Home Lice Remedy. Don’t feel like combing your kid out yourself? NitWits is here for you! NitWits, Boston’s first Head Lice Removal Service. We provide the Premier level of white glove service that you deserve. Not only that we offer the best Peace of Mind available. NitWits is a Local Business, owned and operated by School Nurse Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH. Come on over to NitWits today to see what all the buzz is about! You will sleep like a baby tonight!

Home Lice Remedy

Home Lice Remedy

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