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Head Lice Embarrassing. Jenifer Garner Lice

12 April

Head Lice Embarrassing. Jennifer Garner had head lice the first time she ever met George Clooney, she revealed on the Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night talk show. She said that she knew George Clooney could smell the lice treatment product in her hair, but that he was a consummate gentleman and simply ignored her “non-traditional fragrance”. She still had head lice when she had to go to an A-list hollywood party and that is where she ran into George Clooney for the first time.

Head Lice Embarrassing

Jennifer Garner Lice Jimmy Fallon

Head Lice Embarrassing. Head Lice is embarrassing because of head lice stigma. Head lice stigma has an interesting history that needs to be understood in order to be able to see why it is so wrong in 2016. Head lice are being confused with body lice. Body lice deserve a stigma because during the 20th century, millions of people died from epidemic typhus carried by body lice. But guess what? Your child does not have body lice. Your child is not about to get body lice. Head Lice cannot turn into body lice because the two bugs are genetically distinct. Therefore, head lice do not deserve to be stigmatized.

Head Lice Embarrassing. Head Lice stigma implies that you live in a condemned home and you never clean your home or bathe your children or wash their hair. This could not be farther from the truth. Head lice like clean hair and clean houses and clean kids. It has been a banner year for head lice. Not only are head lice becoming more and more resistant to chemicals in lice shampoos, but there is panic in the streets about “Super Lice”. So, instead of putting more pesticides on your child’s head and into the wastewater stream, run, don’t walk to NitWits in Belmont today to get your head lice problem taken care of once and for all. We do it right the first time!

Head Lice Embarrassing

Jennifer Garner Head Lice


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