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30 April

Head Lice Contagious. Just how contagious is Head Lice? I it possible that my child caught lice at school? Schools cannot be blamed for the transmission of head lice from child to child. Head lice transmission takes place when children have direct head to head contact. This can take place at home, at family gatherings, at gymnastics, at the park, at school, etc.! School Nurses and school administrators are often put in the uncomfortable position of “gatekeeper” and entrusted with the job of keeping lice out of the school. This is impossible and totally unrealistic since head lice do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Head Lice Contagious. So please give your school nurse a break and do not blame your child’s school for the spread of head lice in your community. Effective head lice removal treatment is widely misunderstood in the US. This leads to head lice continuing to spread amongst school-aged children. Also Head lice have mutated to develop resistance to available pesticides, leading to the widely used, widely misunderstood term “Super Lice“.

Head Lice Contagious. I’m nervous because the Lice Letter came home from my daughter’s school. Head Lice is going around her classroom. The school nurse said there were 5 confirmed cases of head lice in her classroom. How do I know if she has head lice? What’s the best lice treatment is she gets it? When I google head lice there is lots of information about head lice removal treatment, most of it conflicting! Want to learn more? Call Nitwits. We will talk you through how to treat lice yourself, or we can do it for you today. 617-816-9487 www.liceinfo.net. Not sure what to do about head lice in your school or family? Give Nitwits a call today for a same day appointment. You will sleep better tonight!  www.liceinfo.net

Head Lice Contagious

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