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Hair Dye Head Lice. Does it protect you?

01 April

Hair Dye Head Lice. Hi, I dye my hair about every two months. Will coloring my hair protect me from head lice? In a word, no. We see lots of Moms at NitWits who color their hair. Let’s remember that nothing does anything to the nits. Hair Dye, pesticide lice shampoos, kerosene, DDT, you name it, nits are impervious to them all. And Head Lice are now immune to pesticides, giving lice the new name Super Lice.

Hair Dye Head Lice. Lice don’t care whether your hair is clean or dirty. Head lice like clean hair as much as dirty hair. This is another urban myth connected to the fact that head lice get unhappy when you saturate your hair with olive oil. Since dirty hair is more oily than clean hair, we think this is where this myth came from. Head lice are sensitive to temperature, light, humidity and probably pheromones and carbon dioxide. We see lice in lots of girls ages 4-14 and less so in boys. 

Myth: People with color treated hair are less likely to get lice.

• Fact: We have not seen this to be true. There is the remote possibility that if you have one louse in your hair that has not yet laid any eggs, that louse might be killed by a hair coloring treatment. However once the nits are laid, they are quite bulletproof and they would continue to mature and hatch without problems.  In general head lice do not like adult hair and they do not like men. We see it in 20% of Moms and 2% of Dads.

• Myth: Flat ironing with kill off head lice and kill nits

• Fact : Flat ironing might kill some of the bugs themselves, however not the nits. Head Lice are very adept at navigating through the hair. If you are using the flat iron on one side of the head, the lice will simply travel to the other side of the head to avoid the flat iron. The flat iron will not bother the nits, because the nits are laid so close to the scalp that the iron would burn your scalp if you put it close enough to the scalp to kill then nits.

Hair Dye Head Lice

Hair Dye Head Lice

Mom Googling Head Lice Hair Dye

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