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16 April

Do I have Lice? Why can’t I check myself for head lice? I keep looking in my hair but I can’t see anything. First of all let’s bust a couple of the most common urban myths about head lice.

Do I have Lice? Myth #1: Lice and nits are easy to see in bright light. Fact: Lice and nits are incredibly difficult for the human eye to see, no matter how bright the light. This makes a lot of sense from the point of view of the head louse. Would you want your only predator to be able to find you in the only habitat you can survive in? That’s right folks, head lice have had plenty of time, 170,000 years to be more or less exact to refine their ability to be undetectable by humans, their main predator and their only source of food and shelter. 170,000 years ago is when scientists determined that humans first started wearing clothing and body lice broke off from head lice to be able to live in that clothing.

Do I have Lice? Myth #2: An Itchy Scalp means you have Head Lice. Fact: The majority of people with head lice never have an itchy scalp. In fact most people who get head lice never have any kind of symptoms at all, and don’t even know they have head lice. This makes a lot of sense from the point of view of the head louse. If you were setting up a hostile takeover of a person’s scalp, would you want that person to know that you were there during the early weeks while you were setting up shop? When head lice take a blood meal from the capillaries on your scalp they leave behind saliva, an anticoagulant and an anesthetic. You won’t have an immediate reaction to these like you do with mosquitoes. However 2-3 months later after 100,000 bites, some people do get an allergic reaction to one or more of these substances. Ergo the itching!

At our NitWits Lice Removal Treatment Clinic, we can give you an immediate diagnosis, not only on whether or not you have head lice, but also for how long you have had head lice. Then we will get rid of the head lice for you (and all of their eggs) lickety-split, and send you home with a smile on your face!

Do I have Lice?

Do I have Lice?

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