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Crab Lice vs Head Lice. What’s the Difference?

28 April

Crab Lice. Head Lice 101. There are 3 species of lice that are specific to humans. Head Lice, Body Lice and Crab Lice. The only type of lice your child could possibly have been exposed to is Head Lice. Head lice is genetically different from Body Lice and Crab Lice. Head lice live only on the human scalp. Body lice live off the body in the seams of clothing. Crab lice are an STD and not present in pre-pubescent humans. Head Lice can not turn into body lice or crab lice.

Crab Lice. Your child does not have crab lice. Nor does your child have Body Lice. Your child only has head lice. Body Lice have an extensive military history and were a factor in determining the outcome of many battles during the past 2oo years. Ann Frank died of typhus fever which was carried by body lice. Not to worry, your child does not have body lice. Head lice are harmless creatures that love living on the scalps of children. The confusion over these 3 insects adds to head lice stigma. head lice stigma. Head Lice stigma implies that you are not a good parent and that you live in a rundown house. This could not be farther from the truth. Head lice love clean homes and clean hair.

Here at NitWits we see fabulous families with fantastic parents and wonderful kids. All they want is for us to get rid of their head lice so they can get back to what they were doing! NitWits is Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service. There is a good reason we have been voted Best Of Boston 12 years running! Families love our treatment center in Belmont with 3 private treatment rooms, lots of DVDs, free ice cream and lollipops. We’ve had several kids say that they had lots of fun at NitWits and would like to come back to have their birthday party there. Of course the parents are horrified. However, we are thrilled that our clients leave happy and completely satisfied every time. Give us a call to see what all the buzz is about at NitWits and come on in for a same day appointment to see why families are raving about us!

Crab Lice

Human Head Louse

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