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Resistant Lice in your town. NitWits to the Rescue

02 March

Resistant Lice. Massachusetts is 1 of among 25 states that have been found to have a pesticide resistant strain of super lice.  This means you should skip going to CVS to buy all of the lice treatment products because they don’t work. Instead pick up an OMG Lice Comb for a good night’s sleep.

Resistant Lice. They’re here! The super lice, immune to the current array of available pesticidal lice treatments. Super Lice are actually the same lice we have been living with all along, except they have been able to adapt to pesticide lice treatments.

Resistant Lice. In order to be a successful parasite, lice need to be able to adapt quickly to new roadblocks we put in their way. Head lice are very adept at adapting to chemical treatments and parents are left wondering why the head lice in their child’s hair never seems to go away. Instructions that come with pesticide lice shampoos instruct parents to apply the pesticide once and then again in 7 days. Parents believe that this is all that is required in order to treat head lice. However they missed the most overlooked and critical part of lice treatment: removal of the lice eggs! If you don’t get out all of the lice eggs, they keep hatching and the head lice colony starts up all over again.

The best lice treatment involves skipping the pesticides and figuring out how to mechanically remove all of the lice eggs. Instead we recommend combing out the hair to remove the lice and nits. There is only one problem. Most lice combs are not effective. There is only one comb that works, The OMG Lice Comb. Don’t feel like doing the combing by yourself? Call the best business in Boston: NitWits Intelligent Lice Treatment. We take the stress out of lice and give you back your peace of mind, and you first good night’s sleep in a long time!


resistant lice

resistant lice

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